AirTies launches portable set-top

Set-top box and wireless networking specialist AirTies has launched a new portable wireless set-top box (STB), designed to be small enough to fit into a handbag.

The Air 7205 miniature STB measures 10 by 10 centimetres and is one of a number of products that the firm is demoing at the TV Connect event in London this week.

Airties said the 7205 attaches wirelessly to the IP gateway, features remote control and home automation capabilities and can easily be moved from room to room.

“The STB wirelessly connects to the home gateway and works on any unmanaged internet connection, effectively unbundling the provision of the pay TV service from the broadband service offering and opening up new revenue-stream opportunities,” said the firm.

AirTies is also launching a new family of HEVC/4K set-top boxes, designed to offer satellite-quality live and on-demand video to any subscriber with a broadband connection.

The Air 7410 line of set-tops consist of an OTT/IPTV STB and a hybrid DVB-T/OTT version that is available to trial quantities.

All versions will include an HEVC decoder, 4K TV display, USB 3.0 and will use the latest Broadcom 7251 System-on-a-chip. The boxes will be on display for the first time at TV Connect.

In addition, AirTies is using the event to launch two new versions of its next generation wireless video access points, targeted at both broadband and pay TV operators.

The AirTies Air 4820 and Air 4920 feature the latest 802.11ac wireless chipsets and are designed to “simultaneously solve two of the most critical issues facing operators today: the cost of installing a pay TV service and the problem of consumers not getting the internet speeds they are paying for when connecting multiple devices in different rooms or on different floors,” said AirTies.

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