LG pushes 4K with new TV line launch

LG has launched its 2014 lineup of TVs, unveiling 68 new models, its largest collection to date, including a number Ultra HD sets.

Among the new models is LG’s 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV, as well as smaller 65-, 55- and 49-inch curved 4K units. Also New for 2014 is LG’s webOS Smart TV platform, which it first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

“Expanding the availability of 4K content continues to be a key component of LG’s priorities as an industry leader,” the firm said. “The company has teamed up with a number of global content providers such as FOX and Netflix and is working closely with terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasters to develop more quality 4K content.”

Hyun-hwoi Ha, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company added: “We are extremely confident that our state-of-the-art ULTRA HD and OLED TV models will establish a new benchmark this year.”​

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