Get chooses Concurrent

Norwegian cable operator Get has chosen Concurrent to supply its MediaHawk VX content delivery platform to deliver its online streaming service.

Get TV will offer live TV, time-shifted TV and VOD services to reach customers across connected devices.

Get is using Concurrent’s origin servers, IP edge streaming service & request router to create a nationwide CDN, according to Concurrent.

“Get is committed to delivering a compelling viewing experience to our customers on every screen,” said Christophe Brod, Vice President, Technical Strategy and Operations at Get.

“Concurrent’s multi-screen solutions offer us the versatility and advanced features we need to launch new applications more quickly and easily.  With their unified approach to content delivery, Concurrent merges support for multiple video formats and streaming protocols into one software solution.  This provides us with a more flexible foundation on which to execute our multi-screen video strategy and launch a whole new range of innovative services.”

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