Arabsat and Telesat sign commercial satellite agreement

Middle East satellite operator Arabsat and Canada’s Telesat have signed a commercial agreement that will see Telesat use a lifetime Ku-band payload on a the new satellite Hellas-sat-4. 

Arabsat, which agreed to buy Hellas Sat for €208 million last year, is expected to launch Hellas-sat-4 in 2017 at 39 degrees East.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Telesat has exclusively acquired the use of a high-powered Ku-band payload providing coverage of Europe and the Mediterranean region.

“Hella-sat-4 will be a state of the art satellite with Ku and Ka-band missions. This commercial agreement with Telesat reflects the lasting cooperation between two leading satellite operators and will further establish Hellas-sat as a leading service provider in Europe,” said Arabsat CEO Khalid Balkhyour.

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