Sky Deutschland claims €2 billion benefit to German economy

Sky DeutschlandSky Deutchland’s corporate activities created additional revenues for the German economy that amounted to “at least €2 billion” in 2012, according to a new report. 

The study from the media consulting company HMR International said that Sky, either directly or indirectly, employed around 24,000 people in Germany, generating net income of approximately €350 million and wage- related taxes of at least €200 million in 2012.

Added to this revenues of €1.3 billion, Sky accounted for an “external revenue effect” on the German economy of at least €2.0 billion in 2012, the study said.

“The results of this study, which for the first time quantify the impact of our company on the wider German economy, confirm that also from an economic perspective we play an important role within media to Germany as a business location,” said Sky Deutschland CEO Brian Sullivan.

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