YouSee extends à la carte choices for subscribers

YouSee Bland SelvDanish cable operator YouSee has extended the availability of å la carte in the way it allows users to select TV channels.

Subscribers to YouSee’s Medium and Full packages will now be able to choose a limited number of channels on an à la carte basis as part of YouSee’s Bland Selv initative.

Medium package customers will be able to replace 10 channels in their package, while Full package users will be able to replace 34, from a choice of about 100 channels.

Basic package subscribers will not be able to replace any of the 25 channels in their package. YouSee’s basic package is unencrypted and can be viewed without the need for a set-top box.

Viewers are able to change their selection of à la carte channels each month.

YouSee previously allowed users to add additional channels to their packages on an à la carte basis. The latest initiative, which involves the replacement of channels at no extra cost, comes after a period of intensive negotiations with content suppliers.

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