Ginx TV chooses Thomson Video Networks

Video gaming channel Ginx TV has chosen Thomson Video Networks’ Sapphire MPEG stream servers and ‘channel-in-a-box’ platform to deliver targeted advertising. 

Sapphire offers a single-box solution for ad insertion in a compressed video stream, with an automated interface to Ginx TV’s ad agency and local storage of ads.

“When we initially evaluated Thomson Video Networks’ Sapphire for launching targeted advertising for our channel on Virgin Media, it was the ideal solution for us in terms of price and performance,” said Michiel Bakker, CEO at Ginx TV.

“With Sapphire, we now have a cost-effective and streamlined means of inserting regionalized advertisements in the compressed domain. Plus, the system interfaces with ad agencies in an automated way to create new business opportunities and increased revenue. The support from Thomson Video Networks’ team was of immense value in helping us to design our system and get it operational.”

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