European consumers experiencing problems with internet video

EC VP Neelie Kroes

EC VP Neelie Kroes

Two in five European internet users say they are being prevented by their service providers from watching videos, while significant numbers are experiencing problems listening to music or using other applications, according to an EU Eurobarometer survey of 28,000 EU citizens.

According to the survey, 41% of users experience problems watching a video on a mobile device and 37% experience problems on their fixed internet connection at home due to speed limitations or blocking of content by service providers.

Twenty-three per cent said they experience problems listening to music on a mobile device, while the same proportion also experience problems uploading content on Facebook, blogs or forums through their mobile device.

Nineteen per cent recorded problems playing online games on their desktop.

The survey showed there is widespread ignorance among consumers about the speed of service offered by ISPs, with 60% saying they do not know their internet speed. Of those that do know their speed, 26% say the actual speed delivered does not match the terms of their contract. Forty per cent of all respondents have experienced aninternet connection breakdown.

“When you buy an internet subscription you should get access to all content, and you should get it at the speed you have paid for. That is what the open internet should be, and all Europeans should have access to it,” said EC vice-president Neelie Kroes.

“My goal is to protect consumers by guaranteeing an open internet across Europe and by giving them new rights and transparency regarding their internet connection. My goal is also to protect innovation, so that anyone can innovate on the open internet and alongside the internet without harming it. This would ultimately promote more competition and choice for the benefit of consumers.”

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