Vodafone named as best fibre network operator

FTTH_2014_Awards-1-Copy-LOW-150x150Vodafone has been named as best fibre-optic network operator in Europe at the FTTH Council Europe event in Stocholm.

Vodafone received the Operator Award for FTTH for its deployment in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Vodafone Portugal CEO Mário Vaz received the award at the FTTH Council Europe conference in Stockholm this week.
Vodafone has committed to spend an additional €3 billion in its networks across the three countries over the next two years.

“In Portugal , we strive to give the best to consumers and ensure that they have a choice. Despite all the challenges and difficulties , we are reinforcint our investment to more than €500 million within the next two years,” said Vaz.

“Innovation, modernity and striving to offer the best deals to customers is part of the DNA of Vodafone and this award – which makes us very proud – is a recognition of the work that we have undertaken.”

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