Media companies looking to HEVC, 4K, says Elemental

Media companies are moving forwards with plans to roll out both HEVC compression technology and 4K/Ultra HD services over the next two years, according to video processing technology provider Elemental.

Elemental said that a survey of over 200 of its media and entertainment customers showed that 74% were likely to adopt 4K/Ultra HD TV delivery by 2016, with 82 companies saying this was “very likely” and 89 saying they would “possibly” launch services. Forty-eight companies said it was “not at all likely” they would launch, while 12 didn’t know.

The survey found that 88% of customers are likely to adopt HEVC compression in the same time period, with 134 companies saying it was “very likely” and 70 saying they would “possibly” adopt the format.

Elemental customer NTV+ this week revealed that it had tested HEVC-based 4K transmissions of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

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