NTV+ teams up with Elemental, Broadcom for 4K test

NTV+ Winter OlympicsRussian pay TV broadcaster NTV+ has used the Sochi Winter Olympics to test broadcast transmissions in 4K.

NTV+ broadcast coverage of the opening ceremony in the ultra HD format in partnership with technology providers Broadcom and Elemental.

The broadcaster used the Elemental Live encoding platform and a decoder based on Broadcom’s chipset to test broadcast the event.

The trial used Sony PMW=F55 Cine Alta 4K cameras to capture the content and, which was encoded and uplinked to satellite for playback in Moscow on a 65-inch Panasonic 4K TV.

NTV+ technical director Oleg Kolesnikov said that the trial showed what could be achieved when operators and equipment manufacturers worked together to deliver ultra HD content.

Rival pay TV operator Tricolor TV had previously test broadcast 4K in Russia in partnership with Eutelsat, Ericson, SvyazProekt, Rohede & Schwarz DVS. Scope Video and LG Electronics, airing a 16-minute travel guide.

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