Digital Rapids integrates with Vidcheck

Technology company Digital Rapids and quality assurance specialist Vidcheck have teamed up to integrate Digital Rapids’ Transcode Manager 2 platform with the Vidchecker automated quality control software.

The move enables Transcode Manager 2 users to incorporate Vidchecker’s extensive QC capabilities within their automated, customized media processing workflows. Outputs can be checked against a user-specified range of verification tests, with users alerted automatically to QC issues.

“We’re excited to expand Transcode Manager’s array of supported industry-leading QC tools with the new Vidchecker support, giving our mutual customers access to its complete range of video, audio and file checks for automated validation,” said Darren Gallipeau, product manager at Digital Rapids. “Quality control is critical in today’s sophisticated file-based production and distribution workflows, where uncaught errors can be costly. Automating the QC process is crucial in maximizing the efficiency of media transformation pipelines while minimizing manual effort and mistakes.”

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