Deutsche Telekom takes Macedonia all-IP

Deutsche Telekom said that Makedonski Telekom is now the first company within the group with a fully IP-based network, with plans to migrate customers across Europe to IP by the end of 2018. 

Deutsche Telekom started migrating Makedonski Telekom’s 290,000 fixed network lines over to its new platform in October 2011 and said that all its Macedonian customers have now been migrated.

“Our vision is a pan-European network on the basis of all-IP. This network will integrate mobile communications and fixed-line network technology. And it will enable a new cloud-based production model,” said Claudia Nemat, member of the board of Deutsche Telekom for Europe and technology.

The firm said that Slovakia will be the next market to switch from PSTN to IP towards the end of 2014, with Croatia, Montenegro and then Hungary to follow in 2015. By the end of 2018 Romania, Greece and Germany are expected to have migrated too.

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