Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus launch rolling programme of multi-play services

Polish pay TV operator Cyfrowy Polsat has launched a joint bundling strategy with mobile network Plus, in whose operator Polkomtel it has a majority stake.

Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus will launch a series of bundled offerings under the SmartDOM name.

The first stage will be to allow subscribers to combine TV, fixed internet and LTE from February 18. The pair will offer monthly discounts of PLN10 (€2.40) on each product or a PLN240 discount for a 24-month contract. The minimum subscription price will be PLN39.90.

The operators plan to add banking and electricity supply to their line-up of joint offerings in the coming months.

Beata Białkowska, managing director of marketing for both Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, said that the pair would launch a wide range of new products and would offer additional benefits such as special promotions, sweepstakes and competitions.

The pair will launch a nationwide advertising campaign for the new service offerings across Polsat, TVN, TVP1 and TVP2 as well as online portals , , , and Actors Joanna Brodzik and Paweł Wilczak have been signed up as ambassadors for the project.

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