Technicolor buys display technology patents

French technology company Technicolor has bought 156 patents, in a move it said would strengthen its intellectual property related to display technologies. 

The deal was agreed with electronic systems company Thales granted and relates to patents granted or pending in the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

“The assets cover many technologies related to displays, including driving methods and circuits, LCD backlight, panel structure and touch screen, which are or will be deployed in a broad range of devices, in particular next-generation mobile devices, digital TVs and colour display monitors,” said Technicolor.

“The acquisition of these pioneering assets, aligned with the group’s strategy, will provide Technicolor with added value to existing and future licensing programs, especially in the digital TV, smartphone and tablet spaces.”

The firm added that the most advanced LCD technologies apply not just to the consumer electronic market, but also to space and military applications.

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