FilmOn opens up local TV with ‘teleport technology’

Over-the-top TV platform FilmOn has launched new technology that will let viewers access local US TV stations from anywhere using remote desktops connected to FilmOn’s antenna and DVR system. 

FilmOn claims the service will help “independent broadcasters across the country flourish” by letting viewers connect to local free to air channels in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Tampa, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Washington DC.

The service requires no additional hardware or software, and works by letting viewers who access the FilmOn website on their computer or mobile device to connect to hundreds of thousands of temporarily assigned mini desktop computers in thirteen cities across the USA, which are connected to antenna farms, enabling free access to local stations.

The launch comes in spite of an impending Supreme Court case, due to be held this year, challenging the legality of a similar online US TV streaming service, Aereo.

“I’m tired of the majors screwing you, screwing me, and screwing the entire industry, by trying to shut down progress. TV is facing the same crossroads that the music industry did in the Napster era — making the wrong decisions right now could be fatal,” said FilmOn founder and CEO Alki David.

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