France’s ARCEP launches FttDP consultation

French telecom regulator ARCEP has launched a consultation on Fibre to the Distribution Point (FttDP) – the deployment of fibre networks close to consumer premises but connected to existing copper or coaxial cable for the final connection.

The regulator has set up a working group under Pierre-Jean Benghozi et Philippe Distler to lead a discussion of the use of FttDP to drive high-speed broadband in France, composed of operators, local authority associations and government departments.

According to ARCEP, this group, which has met three times over the last eight months, has not made a definitive conclusion on the merits of the technology. However, the current consensus is that the technology could be used on an ad hoc basis to remedy transitory problems rather than as a large-scale, systematic means of upgrading the local loop.

The consultation will run until April 28.

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