Google opens up Chromecast platform

Google has released a software developer kit (SDK) for its Chromecast TV dongle, opening it up to companies and developers that want to launch their content on the platform.

Announcing the release, Google said that the Google Cast SDK will mean that “even more of our favourite movies, TV shows and music will become available on Chromecast.”

Developers will now be able to build Chromecast support into their apps and websites across Android, iOS and the Chrome browser.

Chromecast is designed to make it easy for viewers to watch web-powered content on their TV by pressing a button on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

The HDMI dongle launched in the states last June, and though it is currently not available internationally, Google is rumoured to be preparing to launch the device in Europe and elsewhere.

Services already supported by Chromecast include YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and music streaming service Pandora.

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