Teo sees IPTV growth but DTT numbers slide

TEOLithuanian service provider Teo’s base of IPTV subscribers grew by 12.2% last year to 172,300, according to the company.

Teo’s multiscreen online TV service,, saw subscriber helped boost its IPTV performance, the company said.

Digital-terrestrial TV homes served by the company fell by 11.4% however, to 66,080.

The overall number of pay TV subscribers in Lithuania grew by 4% in the same period to 728,250, according to the company.

Teo now has a 29.7% share of the pay TV market in terms of revenue and a 44.1% share of the digital TV market in terms of revenue.

The company’s share of the pay TV market in terms of subscribers now stands at 23.5%, followed by Cgates wth 16.8%, Viasat with 13.9% and Init with 14.3%.

Teo reported that its broadband subscribers also grew rapidly in the course of 2013, ending the year with 431,000 subs, up 11.7%, with growth in fibre and wireless access compensating a loss in ADSL subs.

Revenue from TV services grew by 8.1% in 2013 to LTL62 million (€17.9 million), accounting for 8% of total revenue, the company said.

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