Second screen still holds ‘tremendous potential,’ says new research

Second screen viewing is an “inevitable part of the future” and presents “tremendous potential” when it comes to content designed for synchronous viewing, according to new research.

The second part of a joint research study on the second screen by The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) – which was presented at the NATPE conference yesterday – said producers are “still searching for the best solutions to optimise technology to create a seamless experience for the viewer.”

Taking a cross-section of producers that have worked across drama, comedy and reality programming, the study claimed that synchronous second screen content does not have “unanimous support” beyond sports, reality shows and news.

However, it added that there is a consensus among the producers polled that content not meant for live viewing presents “an additional second screen opportunity to maximise and extend their brand,” and that the second screen offers a “significant opportunity to grow and sustain audiences around appointment viewing television.”

Part one of the research, which was released earlier this month, said that 91% of second screen viewers access asynchronous program content, yet only 42% have tried synchronising their content experience to live TV.

Some 72% of consumers who had accessed synchronised second screen content said it is only appropriate for certain kinds of shows.

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