Al Jazeera launches digital-only Turkish channel

AJ TurkAl Jazeera has launched a new Turkish-language channel, Al Jazeera Türk, on the web, targeted at Turkey and Turkish speaking audiences around the world.

The channel is currently available via by a dedicated portal – – with accompanying mobile applications and a digital magazine.

“Al Jazeera Turk is an important new member to the Al Jazeera Network, serving an important geopolitical market. To launch on digital first continues Al Jazeera’s tradition of innovation,” said Al Jazeera executive director, strategy and business Yaser Bishr.

“We have defined our target audience as any geography where Turkish is spoken – Turkey in particular. This means roughly 130-140 million people in Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East,” said the channel’s managing director, İsmail Kizilbay.

Gürkan Zengin will serve as news editor of the new channel.

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