TTK teams up with Akamai

Russian service provider TTK has signed a network partnership agreement with CDN giant Akamai to bring content from Akamai’s partners to its broadband customers. 

TTK has installed Akamai servers at its facility in Moscow and the company plans to install further Akamai servers within its networks in the Russian provinces in the future.

“The quality of Internet access for end users depends not only on the capacity of the provider’s network and connection speed, but also on how physically removed the content is from the user. Our partnership with Akamai, one of the largest Cloud Infrastructure providers that optimizes and delivers the content of major global content providers, will make it possible to increase the quality of services for end users and off-load the traffic on TTK’s backbone network to the Company’s long-distance nodes,” said Vitaly Kotov, TTK vice president and head of TTK’s backbone unit.

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