Sunrise extends MTV mobile with home internet and TV offering

Swiss service provider Sunrise has now made MTV’s mobile telecom service available to its subscribers with a single bundle – MTV home – combining fixed and mobile internet and TV services. 

MTV home is available from Sunrise from CHF49 a month to mobile subscribers.

Sunrise last year raised the age limit for MTV mobile subscribers from 26 to 30. MTV mobile will now be bundled with MTV home, with two packages – MTV home start and MTV home comfort – providing a mix of high-speed internet services and TV to customers.

MTV home start will be available for CHF49 (€40) to MTV mobile maxx customers, or CHF59 to non-mobile customers, delivering 200 channels, ComeBack TV and video-on-demand along with 15Mbps internet access.

MTV home comfort, for CHF69 or CHF89 to non-mobile customers, provides 220 channels, including 60 in HD, live pause, extended ComeBack TV and video-on-demand.

Higher speed internet packages are available to customers in Lucerne, Saint-Gall, Zürich and other towns.

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