Stofa looks to 4K, move to digital with Cisco CCAP

Cisco uBR10012Danish cable operator Stofa has deployed provider Cisco’s modular CCAP technology platform, making it the first European operator to move towards the convergence of digital video and data on a common access infrastructure.

The deployment of Cisco’s CCAP platform will, according to Cisco, enable Stofa to handle broadband traffic and video-on-demand within the same access platform and to develop 4K TV services.

Stofa has installed Cisco’s uBR10012 CMTS with 3G60, PRE5, 3G-SPA and the RFGW10 Universal Edge QAM. According to Cisco, with the high density DS384 line card, Stofa can now utilise its existing infrastructure and run both VoD and DOCSIS services through common ports of the DS384 with no RF combining, as defined by CCAP for convergence.

According to the technology giant, the cable operator plans to test and develop new services including 4K TV, and will evaluate whether to migrate all its TV services to digital in place of the parallel ‘flow’ TV distribution platform it operates today.

“This is a milestone for European cable. With the first European deployment of video and data convergence based on Cisco’s CCAP platform, we are proud to be working with Stofa to enable them to innovate and be more competitive. Building on our long-standing relationship with Stofa, this initiative will enable them to take their infrastructure to the next level and better prepare for future consumer demands,” said Yves Padrines, vice president, Service Provider Video, EMEAR, Cisco.

Syd Energi-owned Stofa has approximately 600,000 customers across Denmark, including 350,000 with access to broadband, advanced TV and telephony services.

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