SIS Live kicks off Ka-band-based SNG with Astra

Satellite newsgathering specialist SIS Live has taken Ka-band capacity on SES’s Astra 1L satellite at 19.2° East to provide SNG services to UK broadcasters ITN and ITV. 

The move means that SIS Live will be the first major SNG organsiation to operate DVB and IP services using Ka-band capacity.

“Having been heavily involved with the first major automated service for ITV and ITN 10 years ago, we have a deep understanding of the day-to-day needs of fast-moving newsgathering organizations,” said David Meynell, managing director of SIS Live. “ITV and ITN demand high quality, efficient services delivered by the latest innovative cost-efficient technology, and through the utilisation of this Ka-band capacity we will be able to continue to deliver the excellence they have come to expect from us.”

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