ITV reports record second screen ad engagement

XFACTOR_APP_PROMOUK broadcaster ITV claimed that its 2012-launched second screen Ad Sync advertising format achieved “record engagement” after it was deployed in its X-Factor show app last year.

During season 10 of The X Factor, ITV said approximately 18 advertisers placed campaigns using the Ad Sync format, achieving a 14.3% average click-through rate and 43% average engagement.

ITV’s commercial arm said “interactive content is the most effective way to engage second screen users and drive post-advertising actions.”

ITV’s Ad Sync format allows viewers to interact with a brand and to explore more about the advertisers’ products or services via their second screens.

ITV partnered with FremantleMediaUK and app specialist Tellybug, on The X Factor app, which was downloaded by more than 1.5 million users during the last season of The X Factor – up over 50% year on year.

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