Opera launches Chromium/Blink for RDK

Opera Software has launched a version of the Google-supported Chromium/Blink web browser engine that is designed for set-tops based on the Comcast and Time Warner Cable-backed RDK architecture.

According to Opera, its Devices SDK integrates into the RDK environment, replacing Qt/WebKit as the rendering engine and providing direct integration to the RDK ServiceManager and the RDK Media Framework from HTML/CSS/JavaScript applications.

The company says that its Chromium/Blink SDK for the RDK will facilitate cross-platform rendering of operator portals and web services, in addition to HTML5 web content in the form of TV apps. Operators will be able to deploy HTML5-based services with features including CSS animations and 3D transforms.
RDK is currently supported by about 100 licensees.

“Delivering the Opera Devices SDK for RDK is a big milestone, not only for us, but also for any operator wishing to secure its HTML5 roadmap while improving time-to-market,” says Aneesh Rajaram, SVP for TV and devices, Opera Software.

“With a growing and engaged community, the RDK is quickly being embraced by CE manufacturers, SoCs vendors and other software developers, system integrators, and TV service providers around the world. Opera is proud to bring its experience to the RDK community, with over ten years of delivering web-browser SDK’s to tens of millions of connected TV devices worldwide.”

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