Motive Television partners with icube for Freeview tablet dongle

UK-based TV technology services firm Motive Television has partnered with South Korea’s icube Corporation to develop a Freeview dongle that will let viewers receive the DTT service on mobile devices in the UK.

“This agreement with icube is the latest step in the process of making Tablet TV available in the United Kingdom, with a launch planned for mid-2014,” said Motive.

In May, Motive announced plans to develop Tablet TV, which will allow Freeview live television to be received and recorded on tablet devices. The firm is currently working to meet DTG requirements to license the Freeview brand for the service.

In June Motive said that it planned to license its Tablet TV solution to consumer electronics companies and offer a full seven-day 24 hour EPG with “the Freeview look and feel.”

“Under the contemplated Final Agreement, icube will develop and manufacture a Freeview dongle, which will be certified as Freeview-compatible after Motive achieves DTG Testing approval for the Freeview Dongle and Motive App.  Motive will receive a licence fee for each Freeview compatible dongle sold,” said Motive.

icube Corporation is a digital media adapter vendor and broadcasting solution provider headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

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