Canal+ Group begins advanced testing of Frog By Wyplay

Canal+ Group has begun advanced deployment testing of the new software it co-developed with technology provider Wyplay, based on the open source Frog By Wyplay service.

Frog has allowed Canal+ to develop an HTML5-based graphical UI, develop partnership with third-party software suppliers and build a range of applications and interactivity on a wide range of its existing base of set-top box decoders and mobile devices.

“We have co-developed with Wyplay a software solution in less than 12 months that modernizes and increases the performance of our multi-million connected set-top box park as well as providing new services and a richer user experience for our clients” added Frédéric Vincent, Technical & System Information Director at Canal+. “We are also thrilled to be the first pay-TV operator to benefit from this innovative solution and the rich functionality provided by Frog by Wyplay.”

Frog By Wyplay will be officially launched at the CES Las Vegas tradeshow in January 2014.