Horse & Country TV launches TV Everywhere with SimpleStream

Equestrian interest channel Horse & Country TV has launched a TV Everywhere service using technology from Simplestream.

H&C TV Everywhere is using Simplestream’s Media Manager to allow subscribers to watch its content, live and on-demand, across computers, mobiles and tablets.

According to Simplestream, its technology supports ingest, encoding and content protection, together with fully-integrated EPG management, blackouts, real-time analytics, advertising and secure multi-bitrate streaming for live services, while its catch-up TV technology provides the automated creation of high-quality VOD assets from the live stream, including rights management, metadata fields, syndication and monetisation tools.

Multi-bitrate renditions of programmes are available within 60 seconds of the programme airing with the broadcast advertisements removed.

Simplestream has also provided a dedicated website for the service, together with mobile and tablet applications for both iOS and Android that provide access to a range of free features, including H&C TV’s daily video clips, news and the on-air schedule.

H&C’s live stream and seven-day CatchupTV service is available to subscribers for a small monthly charge. Users can also access H&C’s Facebook page and Twitter feed from the apps, set reminders for shows they want to watch, and share their favourites with their friends through social media.

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