LG first to back Qualcomm’s AllJoyn

TV manufacturer LG Electronics is to be the first company to incorporate Qualcomm-backed mobile connectivity platform AllJoyn into its smart TVs.

AllJoyn is an open source protocol that supports proximity peer-to-peer over a various transport networks, allowing users to share content with their mobile phone, for example, irrespective of which OS the phone uses.
AllJoyn sits on top of the smart TV’s own OS and allows users to control their TV experience using other devices.

LG will incorporate AllJoyn into its 2014 smart TVs.

The move will allow multiple devices to communicate with LG TVs simultaneously, allowing devices with different OS to participate in multiplayer games.

“LG is at the forefront of the device connectivity revolution,” said Richard Choi, senior vice-president of the smart business centre at LG Electronics. “LG will now enable consumers to more effortlessly connect their networked devices in the home and continues to show a strong commitment to the next generation of convergence technology. LG sees great potential and huge possibilities in connecting multiple display products with one TV. Facilitating true smart home convergence, LG Smart TVs will now be able to seamlessly connect to devices regardless of brand or OS, a first-of-its-kind milestone in the home entertainment industry.”

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