Fox Fan app nears Europe-wide deployment

Fox International Channels(FIC) has almost completed the rollout of its Fox Fan second screen app in every European market where it has a pay TV presence, according to FIC digital media editorial director Leslee Razgaitis.

Speaking at the Digital TV World Summit this morning, Razgaitis said that the Europe-wide app, which has been localised for each individual FIC market, has been out “a little over six months” and is now “nearly released in every single market.”

“The power of localisation really is so important, being a global company. We have centralised tools and products, but it’s the local execution that makes it successful. We are monitoring very closely how people are engaging with our content, because we need to get to know our fans,” said Razgaitis.

The Fox Fan app offers additional content around FIC shows, including videos, photo galleries, cast information and listings. The UK version of the app also includes online ‘webisodes’ to tie in with hit Fox show The Walking Dead.

In terms of device use for the Fox Fan app, Razgaitis said that FIC was seeing a more engaged audience on iOS than Android devices, and that smartphone was higher than tablet use.

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