Lagardère launches Christmas special in Russia

Lagardère Active is to launch a Russian version of its popular French Christmas channel, La Chaîne du Père Noël.

The Russian channel, Telekanal Deda Moroza, will be launched a few days after the French channel’s launch on December 1.

The service will be available on Rostelecom’s IPTV network in Russia, making it avaialble to about 1.5 million homes. In addition to Russian versions of its French programmes the service will include Russian classic tales such as the 1966 version of Ledyanaya Vnuchka (The Snow Queen) and animated series Smeshariki (Kikoriki).

Lagardère already provides version of kids channels TiJi and Gulli in Russia. La Chaîne du Père Noël is offered exclusively via CanalSat in France.

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