Twitter reveals TV stats, one billion tweets sent on the network every two days

Dan Biddle

Dan Biddle

There are now a billion tweets sent every two days on Twitter, with 15 million active users in the UK alone, according to Twitter UK’s head of broadcast partnerships Dan Biddle.

Speaking at the Social TV World Summit, part of this week’s OTTtv World Summit in London, Biddle highlighted the increasingly close relationship between Twitter and the TV industry, claiming that 60% of UK twitter users tweet while watching TV.

In peak hours, 40% of all tweets sent are about television, while over 90% of the public online conversations about television are on Twitter, said Biddle.

“I’ve called Twitter the world’s biggest sofa in the past, but I’m starting to think of it more as the world’s biggest living room,” said Biddle.

“Television is not dead. Television is far from dead. It is enjoying a fine time and it will continue to do so. The audience is alive, and it’s more alive than you’ve ever been able to see before. And now because of Twitter you can see the pulse and the energy that’s in that audience,” he claimed.

“You can see when they think your programme is shit and you can see when they love it. This is where Twitter can be really used to impact people. The idea is to start moving people and getting them engaged on Twitter so that they talk more so you have more of that reach.”

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