Poland’s Inea acquires Tesat

Polish cable operator Inea has acquired fellow Poznań-based operator Tesat and will make the full range of its services – including mobile internet, multiroom, DVR and video-on-demand – available to Tesat subscribers.

Tesat provides cable TV, internet and telephony in the area around Poznań in Wielkopolska in western-central Poland.
Both parties said that the agreement would not affect existing Tesat subscribers contracts. Inea’s full range of services will be offered to Tesat customers from January 7 next year.

Tesat has about 21,000 subscribers and its network passes approximately 100,000 homes.

Inea president Janusz Kosinski said that the acquisition is part of the company’s long-term development strategy to bring its network to every second home in Wielkopolska province.

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