Paris Saint-Germain signs YouTube deal with Base79

French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has partnered with Base79, which will manage the team’s video content on YouTube.  

Base79 – an international network for video creators, content owners and brands – will manage PSG’s YouTube content on a global and a local basis and will also support PSG’s programming strategy to “create and grow its original content.”

Base79 said it will optimize PSG’s YouTube channel by maximising revenue through digital video syndication, premium international and local advertising sales, and advanced rights management of all official PSG video content on the platform.

All new content will also be added in English, with the existing French-language content on the YouTube channel to also be translated into English to reach a wider international audience.

“Paris Saint-Germain, like other European Football Clubs, has a global audience which wants to be able to connect with their favourite team beyond the activity on the pitch,” said Base79’s executive vice-president of international John Robson.

“We have extensive experience in supporting sports brands, from creating content to growing their audience. As YouTube is the most dominant online video platform, it is an essential tool for clubs and organising bodies in football to connect with and serve their audience online; giving the fans content they’ll enjoy and want to share via the YouTube platform.”

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