Bouygues takes on triple-play consensus with low-cost fixed offering

French telco Bouygues Telecom has launched a low-cost double-play telephony and internet offering in a move to undercut and challenge the standard French €30-plus fixed-line triple-play package offered by rivals. 

The double-play offering under Bouygues’ B&You brand will provide fixed telephony and broadband internet for €15.99 a month. The company says it is targeting households that consume TV and video-on-demand principally via connected devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones and games consoles or who are unable or uninterested in making use of the IPTV service on offer from telcos.

The B&You offering will be available to about 12 million homes initially. Bouygues has offered ADSL services for the past five years, mostly over Numericable’s and SFR’s networks.

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