UPC Cablecom boosts HD offering, reduces analogue

Liberty Global-owned cable operator UPC Cablecom has boosted the number of unencrypted HD channels it provides in German-speaking Switzerland.

UPC Cablecom is now offering over 60 unencrypted channels in its basic package, including 27 HD services, following the addition of HD services Star TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and the three most popular French channels: TF1, France2 and M6.

UPC Cablecom has also added new Swiss entertainment channel S1 TV in HD to its basic package.

UPC Cablecom said it was also upping the number of channels in its Compact, Classic and Comfort packages to 17, depending on the subscription, including RTL Nitro and DMAX.

To make space for the new services, the operator is reducing its analogue offering to comprise the 25 most watched channels, down from 35.

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