YouSee launching public WiFi in five cities

Danish cable operator YouSee is launching public WiFi networks in five cities following what it said was a successful pilot in the city of Varde in the southern part of the country.

The first new city to receive a wireless network is Skanderborg in Jutland, giving the YouSee affiliated local antenna association’s custoemrs access to a shared network.

Esbjerg and Brande in south-western Jutland will follow in November, with launches scheduled for Korsor and Ringsted later that month.

YouSee departmental director Eva Tetsche said that the operator planned to create a single , country-wide WiFi network for close to 400,000 broadband customers. She said the network would ultimately cover approximately 50% of the country’s households.

YouSee is creating the network by partitioning the modems of participating customers, allocating 10Mbps from each modem to the shared network. YouSee estimates this will provide WiFi users with about 2-4Mbps each.

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