Media Broadcast takes DVB-S2 capacity at 23.5° East

German transmission services provider Media Broadcast has contracted 25Mbps of DVB-S2 capacity on the Astra satellite platform at 23.5° East to deliver three HD and three SD channels for Filmbox International. 

The agreement covers the distribution of FightBox HD, DocuBox HD, Erox HD, FashionBox SD, 360TuneBox SD and Eroxxx SD to viewers of the Skylink platform and cable headends in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Media Broadcast will also provide encryption as well as Simulcrypt for Sky Link via its Usingen Teleport, and the multiplexing, and uplink of the signals.

“The comprehensive capacity agreement is an impressive confirmation of our strategic decision to build a dedicated DVB-S2 platform specifically for dynamic and high-demand markets in eastern Europe,” said Ute Haimerl, director of the satellite business unit at Media Broadcast.

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