SPI International refreshes Filmbox brand

Filmbox logosTV content distributer and broadcast company SPI International has introduced new channel logos and an on-air look for its Filmbox movie channels in Central and Eastern Europe. 

SPI International said the refresh was designed to “better position FilmBox as a growing and continuously expanding brand” and to create a more ‘conceptual’ brand name, associated with an “extensive portfolio of diverse movie and thematic channels.”

“We want to lighten up our brand and to bring more energy to our channels’ look,” said Berk Uziyel, director of FilmBox and new media for SPI International. The new on-air look for the channels will feature a white background instead of the previous black and dark tones, the firm said. The new logo concept and on-air identification was developed and designed in-house by the joint FilmBox marketing and art department team in Warsaw, Poland.