Dailymotion strikes deal with Future Artists

Orange-owned video sharing portal Dailymotion has struck a deal with independent film producer Future Artists to bring one new documentary film per month exclusively to Dailymotion viewers. 

Future Artists, which works with independent film producers around the world, will select one film per month from its network to highlight on Dailymotion.

The films will cover a wide range of controversial subjects such as the Occupy movements (The Lost Generation), alternative sexual lifestyles (Pan, Play Decadence) and the treatment of returning soldiers (Broken Britain).

Dailymotion has previously screened Future Artists films Riot from Wrong earlier this year, which attracted 50,000 views, and Invisible Circus last year, which attracted nearly 70,000.

“We believe there is an audience that wants more than Hollywood dramas. We’re not looking budgets or viewing figures in the multimillions, but there is a yearning for high brow, thought provoking content,” said Mark Ashmore, founder of Future Artists. “Such audiences can be fragmented, but they are undoubtedly out there in droves. Whilst TV and cinemas may not have been able to justify anything that doesn’t appeal to the mass market, social media provides a practical, financially viable route to these audiences. Dailymotion has been wholeheartedly behind the project.”

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