Com Hem launches TiVo marketing campaign

Swedish cable operator Com Hem has launched the marketing campaign for its new TiVo service.

Com Hem’s campaign is based on the theme of liberating viewers by providing time to live their life, with the TiVo service working tirelessly to search, recommend and record TV that they like.

The campaign, created by UK-based agency RKCR/Y&R, will launch with a general introduction to TiVo and will then in its second phase go more deeply into the service itself, explaining its feature benefits. The campaign will run across all media channels and is Com Hem’s largest investment in any campaign to date, the company said. Unlike previous Com Hem campaigns, the TiVo ads will not feature the “Judit and Judit” characters familiar to Swedish viewers.

“There is no other service in the Swedish market today, that offers the same unique set of features that Com Hem’s new TiVo service does and we need to explain to customers why it’s better. By letting TiVo take the lead role in the campaign, we want to explain the benefits of TiVo and how it differs from other available TV services. Judit and Judit will continue to remain part of our communication strategy, but for this launch campaign we have chosen a different path to make sure that it stands out from everything else we do,” said Martin Fridolf, acting marketing manager at Com Hem.