Vipnet begins migration to new satellite platform

Croatian telecom operator Vipnet is beginning the migration of its satellite TV platform to the new white label platform created by Eutelsat and Vipnet parent Telekom Austria at the 16° East position this week.

Vip Sat TV customers will receive new HD receivers by the end of November free of charge.

The Vip Sat TV service will be available for HRK78.5 (€10.30) a month with no minimu contract for the basic package. Subscriber can upgrade to an expanded package for HRK40. Ustomer signing up for 12 or 24-month contracts will receive additional discounts and benefits.

Vipnet has added new channels HBO, Nat Geo Wild , Discovery World , Discovery Science, 24Kitchen , children’s channel Boomerang , movie channel Cinestar Premium HD and sports channels Fight Channel and Kreator TV/Extreme Sports/Motors TV to its expanded package.