TTP wins Ofcom contract to study future of DTT and white space

UK media and telecom regulator Ofcom has awarded a contract to Cambridge-based technology company TTP to assess the potential for future improvements in the performance of radio receivers, in particular for TV, and to to look at how mobile broadband and White Space will operate alongside broadcast TV.

TTP’s research will assess the potential for TV receiver performance, specifically adjacent channel selectivity, to be increased. The research is designed to address the challenges posed by increasing demands on spectrum use and the possibility of enabling mobile broadband services in the 700MHz range, as well as the use of White Space spectrum.

“Although the performance of best-in-class silicon tuners now broadly matches the canned tuners that they replace, there are several challenges to overcome in order to achieve further improvements; for example, handling the intermittent and potentially high power transmissions from a nearby mobile device. Our work will shed light on what might be possible in the future whilst remaining within the same broad cost profile as today,” said project head Lewis Davies.

TTP and Ofcom welcome input from industry stakeholders who would like to contribute to the study. TTP’s findings are expected to be published as a report later in 2013 and will be discussed at a stakeholder workshop planned to be held in London on November 25.

The project builds on a previous research programme conducted by TTP for Ofcom in 2009.

““If TV spectrum in 700MHz is to be released for LTE or other uses, it is critical that TV receivers operating close to these frequencies continue to be able to operate with a very high quality of service,” said TTP wireless group’s Anthony Rix.

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