Thuuz Sports launches on Google Glass

Mobile and connected TV sports service Thuuz is launching a version of its app on Google Glass – the search giant’s web-connected glasses product. 

Thuuz said the new service is designed to alert Glass owners to trending games in their favourite sports as well as score updates for specific teams.

“Today there’s an abundance of sports programming that fans can watch on TV, online or on their mobile device. Since Thuuz is already on smartphones, tablets and television sets, Glass was a natural extension for us to reach our TV-loving sports fans,” said Warren Packard, CEO and founder of Thuuz.

California-headquartered Thuuz said that the new Thuuz Sports Glassware app will have two applications – to alert people of what’s going on in sports fixtures while they are on the move, and to alert them when to tune into an exciting game if they are at home or watching the TV.

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