Two fifths of Chromecast users stream Netflix daily, new study finds

Among users of Google’s new Chromecast internet TV dongle, 43% were found to stream Netflix on a daily basis with 34% streaming Hulu every day, according to a new study by Parks Associates. 

The research firm said that the findings highlighted the challenges of licensing content in the digital world and “underscores the desire by consumers to watch content on their preferred screen.”

“Chromecast is giving people in Hollywood headaches right now. All the wrangling over licensing restrictions doesn’t mean much if consumers can simply circumvent them,” said John Barrett, director of consumer analytics, Parks Associates.

While content providers have typically licensed movies and TV programs for viewing on specific screens – such as a TV, computer, tablet, or mobile phone – Google’s screen-shifting device complicates matters by allowing the consumer to move content from one screen to the next, claims the Parks study.

Separately, Parks said this week that it was seeing strong demand in western Europe for TV solutions that personalise and prioritise content as services like Netflix gain more traction.

It said that 45% of German broadband households with TV services said an EPG that displays a viewer’s favourite channels first would be “highly appealing.” In the UK and Belgium 40% said the same, while 26% of households in France agreed.

“The European video market is becoming more competitive, with OTT services, free and paid VoD, and cloud DVR offerings changing the ecosystem dynamics. These offerings are creating new pressure on EPG and content discovery solutions to provide differentiation. European consumers are most interested in features that help them find programming, such as customised channels, keyword programming search, and personalized recommendations,” said Stuart Sikes, president, Parks Associates.