Universal Music Group to provide content to Stingray

StingrayUniversal Music Group has signed a deal with music platform operator Stingray Digital to provide its library of music and content videos for distribution on digital cable, IPTV, mobile, web and TV everywhere platforms worldwide.

Stingray will offer the content to subscribers to the Galaxie Music Videos on Demand service and ConcertTV on video on demand in the US, in Canada, and Europe. The agreement includes rights for multiple territories, and is for all platforms including TV and VoD.

Stingray operates services including the Karaoke Channel and Music Choice Europe as well as Galaxie and ConcertTV.

Universal Music Group’s library includes music videos and concerts from artists including Lady Gaga, U2, Robin Thicke, The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, Bon Jovi and Jay-Z. Stingray will also be able to offer local content from artists in specific countries across Europe and elsewhere where their services are available.

“We are very pleased to have concluded this agreement with Universal Music Group,” said Eric Boyko, president and CEO of Stingray Digital. “Content of this calibre and from such important artists as those represented by UMG are critical to our various music services. This deal also reflects the importance of our distribution and broadcast channels to UMG’s artists.”

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