Philips Smart TV expands with cloud services

The TP Vision-owned Philips Smart TV platform has been expanded, delivering hundreds of new TV channels to the platform streamed over the web via Philips Cloud TV. 

Smart TV users are also now able to view their own videos and photos stored in the cloud via Philips Cloud Explorer.

The new cloud-enabled services are available via dedicated apps in many countries in Europe and in Russia as of now. Cloud TV and Cloud Explorer are compatible with all Philips Smart TVs introduced to the market in 2012 and later.

New channels are displayed on the Smart TV home screen by genre and popularity. For home media, a dedicated Cloud Explorer app displays all playable files stored in the personal cloud space sorted by type; videos, photos, and audio files are arranged in dedicated folders. The Cloud Explorer app on Philips Smart TVs let users sign in to their existing Dropbox account, or get a new account.

“We have seamlessly integrated cloud services into our Philips Smart TV platform. Users can now benefit from an even wider selection of TV services and overcome the selected choice of cable TV services,” said Albert Mombarg, head of Smart TV.

TP Vision is a joint venture between Japan’s TPV Technology, which holds a 70% stake, and Philips, which holds the rights to manufacture and sell Philips-branded TVs in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, much of Latin America and some countries in the Asia Pacific region.

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