Smart TV users engaging with ads, says survey

Smart TV users are actively engaging with interactive advertising, according to a study of UK smart TV users by interactive advertising specialist Smartclip.

The company said it found that half of its study’s smart TV users say that they have already interacted with an ad and 31% of people engage in an action as a result of watching a Smart TV ad. Twenty-four per cent search for more information on the product or brand and 20% talk about the product or brand to others. About half of UK viewers are tempted to interact when ads offer an incentive such as a discount or coupon, according to Smartclip.

The survey found that over 75% of Smart TVs in the UK are more than 40 inches in size.

Eighty-eight per cent of UK users have their smart TV in the living room and 78% of Smart TV users choose to use their smart TV set for internet features. The survey found that 78% said that connectivity is one of the main reasons they looked to purchase a smart TV device.

The research was conducted by Smartclip in association with LG.

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